Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese technique that aids in stress reduction and relaxation. This technique is based on the application of Universal life force energy. Reiki balances the body’s energy, by not only treating symptoms, but by treating the body spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This is so critical in the field of veterinary medicine because so many of our patients are carrying emotional, as well as physical wounds that require healing.  Reiki is an amazing an exciting modality that is being used for patients with anxiety, aggression, and chronic pain/disease.

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Animal Reiki & Aromatherapy

Acupuncture: A form of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine which includes the insertion of thin needles into vital and specific points on the body to cause a therapeutic effect. This can help aid in pain relief, the tissue healing process, regulation of gastrointestinal motility, anti-inflammatory effects and much more!

Laser Therapy

Phovia is an innovative way to manipulate the function of cells within the dermis and epidermis, as well as reduce inflammation but still accelerate regeneration.

It is a two-part system, comprising a LED lamp and a chromophore gel. Used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. 

Laser treatment for dogs involves a deep-penetrating light to promote a chain of chemical reactions known as photobiostimulation. This process helps relieve pain through the release of endorphins, and it stimulates injured cells to heal at an accelerated pace. During a treatment session, the handheld laser wand is slowly moved back and forth over the damaged tissue, producing a warm, pleasant sensation that most pets seem to enjoy and find relaxing.